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STATOM S.C. is a modern, highly competitive company operating since 1997 in the welding, construction, occupational health and safety, mechanical, transport and technical gases industries in the European Union.

The company, its image and position on the market are confirmed not only by the positive annually increasing turnover, but also by the recognition of customers such as Winkelmann, Hormann, Zehnder Group, Novoferm, Weber Hydraulic, BMW AG, VW group, etc.

At present, we have all technical gases and a full range of welding equipment and materials, occupational health and safety, intime transport and services in the construction industry. Currently, the company employs over a dozen specialists who form an interdisciplinary design, consulting and executive team. We employ people with specialist education in the field of construction – engineering – transport – sales. What distinguishes us is an individual approach to the client’s affairs, preceded by an in-depth analysis of the formal and legal status and involvement in the cases conducted.

years on the market

projects per year

products in the offer

Sale of welding materials and Lincoln equipment


  • Lincoln Electric welding consumables
  • Oerlikon welding consumables
  • Special Alloys
  • MMA and TIG inverters
  • Powertec & CV semi-automatic machines
  • Semi-automatic Powertec I
  • Speedtec devices
  • Oerlikon devices
  • Power Wave & STT & Flextec devices
  • BESTER devices
  • Equipment for submerged arc
  • Plasma cutters & welding units
  • Filtering ventilation
  • Weldline by Lincoln Electric
  • Parts and accessories
  • HARRIS gas equipment



  • welding services
  • transportation services
  • road transport of technical gases
  • logistics services
  • installation of doors and automatic gates
  • welding equipment service
  • periodic inspections of gas burners and reducers


1. Demonstrations of welding equipment at the customer’s as well as at the Lincoln factory in Bielawa: MMA, TIG, MIG, MULTIPROCESS, PLASMA CUTTING, WELDING UNITS.
2. Possibility of making available and leaving a specific device with the customer for testing.
3. Professional training of employees in the use of a given welding device.
4. Technical consulting.

Statom S.C.

ul. Legnicka 37
59-500 Złotoryja

tel./fax: +48 76 878 69 73
VAT ID: PL6941640120
National Business Registry Number: 020458203